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Mighty Folks is a Kyiv-based video content production and post-production  studio designed to unlock outstanding filmmaking opportunities in Ukraine to international video producers.

Our recent works


Matte Painting

Discover Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful Eastern European country of varied landscapes and surprising cultural diversity. The Carpathian Mountains that spill over the border with Poland, Hungary and Romania dominate the west of the country while flat plains carpeted with sunflowers and grain make up much of the central and eastern region. To the south are the almost Mediterranean-like Black Sea coast and the Crimean Peninsula.


For more than 15 years Ukraine has attracted filmmakers from all over the world because of its vast variety of locations, professional crews, diverse talent pool, easy permitting process and, of course, very competitive rates. In addition to that, the Ukrainian government supports foreign filmmakers  offering  a State subsidy to partially reimburse the cost of production. 


Sounds interesting? Let's discuss your project! 

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